IT114 – Gardening & Outdoor Environment

The extension of the Montessori environment to the outdoors

Gardening & Outdoor Environment

This course emphasizes the importance of the extension of the Montessori environment to the outdoors for gross motor, heavy lifting, continued care of environment through water and other work, sensory stimulation, development of biophilia and multiple intelligences.

Schedule: Gardening & Outdoor Environment

  • February 4, 2018

Assessment: Gardening & Outdoor Environment

The student must satisfactorily complete written and practical evaluations for both academic and practicum phases as well as complete all in-class assignments and classroom manuals as directed.

Readings: Gardening & Outdoor Environment

  • The Absorbent Mind, Maria Montessori
  • Maria Montessori: Her Life & Work, E.M. Standing
  • Oneness to Separateness, Louise Kaplan
  • Understanding the Human Being, Silvana Montanaro
  • Your Self Confident Baby, Magda Gerba
  • Shining Through, Sonnie McFarland