EL111 – Practicum I

Practicum site work and on-site supervisor visits

Practicum I

Students will work in their practicum site six hours per day, five days per week for their fall semester. This course includes on-site visits by practicum supervisor to interns at their practicum sites.

Schedule: Practicum I

August through December 2017

Assessment: Practicum I

Students in the practicum phase of the course, i.e., interns, must work in an approved Montessori Early Childhood setting a minimum of 3 hours per day, five days per week, for one full academic school year (540 hours). SMTTI is not responsible for finding a practicum site for students. It is the student’s responsibility to find an approved school to complete the required practicum.  There are 16 hours of required practicum seminars. Interns must attend all intern seminars.  Seminar dates are included in the schedule of courses (Gardening & Special Needs).  Interns will be visited three times by a field supervisor during the course of the academic school year.  Each visit will be a minimum of one hour and will be followed by a thirty minute conference with the field supervisor. It is the intern’s responsibility to arrange in advance for class coverage in order to meet with the field supervisor privately for the thirty minute conference. Practicum Supervisor will meet with supervising teacher or school director for a discussion on student’s progress after meeting with the student. Students are required to document all practicum hours.  Administration must sign off that the student has completed the required hours and send signed document to SMTTI on school stationary before the student’s transcript can be sent to AMS for credentialing.