EC101 – Montessori Early Childhood Observation

Introduction to the importance of observation

Montessori Early Childhood Observation

Create subject manuals that are a reflection of what each student has learned and practiced during their classes with Summit Montessori Teacher Training Institute.  The manuals are to be a resource for each student as they begin their career as a Montessori Teacher and will be assessed according to the criteria listed below.

Assessment: Montessori Early Childhood Observation

Each manual will be reviewed and awarded up to 5 points per category for a total of 20 points.  Lowest acceptable points for passing is 12.  Assessment will be based upon the following criteria:

Rationale Pater:  Content (2.5) Writing (2.5)

Organization of Manual and Tabs

Class Notes

Illustrations of Lessons

See pages 36 & 37 in the Student Handbook